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24.08.2018 News     Meet us at the OFS-26 conference, the 26th International Conference on OPTICAL FIBRE SENSORS!

The conference will take place on September 24-28, 2018 at the SwissTech Convention Center, EPFL Campus, Lausanne, Switzerland. Omnisens is a platinum sponsor.

06.07.2018 News   TechnipFMC Awards Omnisens to Monitor the Longest “Electrically Trace Heated” Pipe-in-Pipe (ETH-PiP) in the World
20.10.2017 News   Meet us at the CIGRE 2018 conference from 26th to 31st, August 2018

E. ROCHAT et al. Using Brillouin distributed sensing to reduce installation risk and optimize cable operation of subsea power cable

10.10.2017 Datasheets   Omnisens VISION Dual Data Sheet
10.10.2017 Datasheets   Omnisens VISION Data Sheet
09.10.2017 News Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Export Cables to be monitored by Omnisens – UK
09.10.2017 News Hornsea Offshore Windfarm Export Cables monitored by Omnisens - UK
22.06.2017 Videos Watch Omnisens presenting the inaugural webinar of the Fiber Optic Sensing Association (FOSA)

The webinar provides an overview of fiber optic distributed sensing techniques, explains how optical fiber can sense temperature changes, strain changes or vibrations, and how signal processing can precisely locate such activity along miles of fiber optic cables. Several case studies regarding pipeline surveillance and power cable monitoring are presented to illustrate the practical application of fiber optic sensing.

15.06.2017 Datasheets   Omnisens VISION Dynamic Data Sheet
24.04.2017 News Omnisens and industry leaders launch Fiber Optic Sensing Association

The Fiber Optic Sensing Association (FOSA), North America’s first trade association dedicated to fiber optic sensing technology, launched today with a focus on educating industry, government and the public on the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

25.10.2016 News Omnisens secures 5 year framework agreement for power cable monitoring supply to German Utility, 50Hertz
19.10.2016 News Support from Swiss Technology fund for Omnisens solutions development

Omnisens which develops monitoring systems using fiber optic sensing to detect threats to energy assets gets backed by the Technology Fund The managing company of the Swiss Technology Fund announces that the Federal Office for the Environment, FOEN granted another loan guarantee to an innovative Swiss SME: Omnisens SA located in Morges.

12.09.2016 Brochures   Securing pipeline asset integrity with Omnisens Lynx

Detect leaks, ground movement and third party intrusion with Omnisens Lynx pipeline integrity monitoring system.

08.09.2016 News Omnisens provides Belgian utility with temperature monitoring and real time rating system to increase the transport capacity of underground high voltage cable.
08.09.2016 Case Studies   Increasing the transport capacity of 33 km 150 kV cable using Dynamic Cable Rating and DTS

Belgian Transmission System Operator (TSO), Elia, wanted to know how much additional load could be put through a specific transmission cable without overheating it. Find out how they achieved it.

11.08.2016 Brochures   Securing power cable integrity with Omnisens Cobra

Providing condition monitoring and performance optimization for buried onshore and offshore subsea HV power cables

12.07.2016 News Visit Omnisens at CIGRE Session 46 in Paris, August 22-26

On Floor 3, stand 365, you will find the Omnisens. We are ready to answer your questions regarding the benefits of Cobra power cable monitoring, Dynamic Cable Rating and discuss how the system could be applied to your next project.

12.07.2016 News Visit Omnisens at International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, Canada

On stand 501, just inside the entrance to the exhibition, Omnisens specialists will be delighted to answer your questions about Lynx pipeline leak, ground movement and intrusion detection system. We can also discuss how fiber optic monitoring may be applied to your next pipeline project. We look forward to seeing you!

25.01.2016 Newsletters Newsletter January 2016
20.01.2016 News Omnisens introduces VISION and VISION Dual for Fiber Optic Test and Measurement

Omnisens VISION and VISION Dual are new models designed for optical fiber test and measurement using the Brillouin-based technique pioneered by Omnisens. They offer enhanced measurement performance, flexibility and extended measurement capabilities. The Omnisens VISION and VISION Dual provide accurate distributed strain and temperature measurements for quality control, qualification testing and troubleshooting of optical fibers, fiber optic cables, fiber coils and telecommunication links.

09.12.2015 News Erosion of pipeline right-of-way: early detection helps ensure pipeline integrity

A simple event, the appearance of a water spring, was all it took to erode the right of way of a high pressure gas transmission pipeline running from North to South across East Siberia. Thanks to the installation of an Omnisens Lynx pipeline monitoring system which including ground movement detection, this event was captured and located before the pipeline’s integrity was compromised.

09.11.2015 Case Studies   Malta-Italy 120 km interconnector temperature monitoring

Currently the longest AC interconnector of its type, read how Omnisens monitors the cable temperature all along its 98 km subsea and 28 km onshore route.

09.11.2015 News Malta – Sicily 120 km 220 kV AC interconnector monitored by Omnisens.

At 120 km Enemalta’s Malta-Sicily interconnector is the longest AC cable of its type in the world.

09.11.2015 Case Studies   Integrity monitoring: Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostock transmission pipeline

Over its 1'822 km route, the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostock gas pipeline crosses swamps, 32 active tectonic fault zones and 94 km of seismically active areas. At risk from erosion, flooding, geohazards, ground movement and deformation, read how the design and monitoring this pipeline help maintain its integrity. Omnisens system detected erosion which threatened the integrity of the pipeline right of way.

19.10.2015 Articles & Papers BOTDA-based DTS robustness demonstration for subsea structure monitoring applications Paper 9634-122
21.08.2015 Articles & Papers 'Long power cables: exposing incipient faults and optimizing performance using extra-long fibre optic distributed temperature monitoring'
08.07.2015 News Omnisens monitors Shah Deniz DEH (Direct Electrical Heating) system

Subsea asset monitoring specialist, Omnisens, has provided Break Detection systems to check the integrity of the Direct Electrically Heated flowline system being installed in the Caspian field. The DEH system, the largest in the world to date, provides flow assurance for the flowlines, especially during shut down.

29.06.2015 News Detecting the effects of geotechnical events using fiber optic distributed sensing: fiber selection and location

Omnisens will present a paper International Pipeline Geotechnical Conference Bogota, Colombia July 16-17, 2015

12.06.2015 News 'Long power cables: exposing incipient faults and optimizing performance using extra-long fibre optic distributed temperature monitoring' (Jicable)

Come and visit Omnisens at Jicable, Versailles, France from June 21-25 to find out more about power cable condition monitoring and performance optimization using Omnisens Cobra systems based on fiber optic distributed sensing. Recent field experiences and developments will be presented during C3.4 session on Monday 22 June. Come and discuss your project and experiences with DTS and Dynamic Cable Rating systems, we look forward to seeing you in Versailles!

01.04.2015 News Advanced Submarine Power Cable & Interconnection Forum, Berlin, Germany 11-13 May

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS): what benefits does it bring to the TSO/operator of a subsea cable? Omnisens will present findings and experiences of monitoring subsea power cables and interconnectors.

20.02.2015 News Over 1600 km of subsea assets monitored!

More than 1600 km of operation-critical subsea assets are being monitored continuously in real time by Omnisens systems.

18.02.2015 Newsletters Newsletter February 2015
17.02.2015 News Omnisens to monitor the temperature of 65 km underground cable in Southern France

RTE France’s electricity transmission system operator (TSO) is making history in the underground cable world. The project to secure the electricity supply to the Eastern Provence-Alpes region (PACA) includes a section of 65 km which took the record for the longest underground 225 kV AC in the world for this power level. To detect hotspots and monitor the thermal behavior of the cable along the 65 km route RTE selected Omnisens Power Cable Monitoring system. The system comprises fiber optic distributed temperature monitoring, dynamic cable rating and Omnisens Map (GIS) to visualize the asset.

13.02.2015 News Omnisens monitors 56 km subsea interconnector joining Phu Quoc to Vietnam mainland

To help Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam, meet its economic development goals a 56 km subsea interconnector has been installed to link it to the national power grid. The 110 kV Prysmian Powerlink cable, is monitored by Omnisens fiber optic distributed temperature sensing system. Subsea cables are at risk from marine activities, scouring and seabed movement which may alter the environment of the cable and affect its operating temperature. The Omnisens power cable monitoring system senses the temperature continuously, using communication fibers within the cable and detects and locates any changes all along its length. This information is sent by email to the operator so that prompt remedial action can be taken. As Phu Quoc develops so the cable temperature will increase with the additional load. The Omnisens system will indicate when the operating temperature approaches the maximum specified for the cable, so that plans can be made to manage the additional load.

05.02.2015 News Monitoring the condition of Gulf of Mexico umbilicals

Omnisens is monitoring the temperature and strain on umbilicals used to retrieve oil and gas from 2100 m/7,000ft water depth in the Gulf of Mexico. Two 21 km/13 mile power umbilicals, specially developed to handle the power requirement of seafloor booster pumps, were instrumented with Omnisens fiber optic-based monitoring system to detect early indications of temperature and/or strain events which may indicate a leak, overheating, elongation or other threat to the assets' integrity.

13.01.2015 News Omnisens goes further for London Array wind farm

London Array became the world’s largest offshore wind farm in 2013, its 630 MW generation capacity supplying enough electricity for nearly 500 000 homes. To monitor the temperature along each of its four 55 km export cables, an Omnisens fiber optic-based system was deployed. Thanks to its ability to monitor the entire cable length from a single interrogator the Omnisens system is housed in the Cleve Hill (Kent) on-shore substation, obviating any requirement to go offshore for maintenance. The Omnisens system senses the temperature along the 150 KV cables, supplied by Nexans AS, using dark fibers from those integrated within the energy cable for communication and control. Already sensing the export cable temperature of the two former ‘largest offshore wind farm’ record holders, Walney and Greater Gabbard, the performance of the Omnisens temperature monitoring system (3 m spatial resolution, a temperature accuracy of better than 1 K over the 55 km of each cable, with no dead zones and a measurement time of 10 minutes) enables the operator to see and act upon developing temperature events, whether due to a change in cable’s condition or load.

12.12.2014 Newsletters Newsletter December 2014
01.10.2014 Articles & Papers Fiber Optic Monitoring of Pipeline Subsidence: Analysis of Effective Sensor Cable Deployments - Abstract
20.08.2014 Newsletters Newsletter August 2014
02.06.2014 Application Notes   Subsea flowline and pipeline monitoring
30.05.2014 News Ultra Long Range DTS (>300km) to Support Deep Offshore and Long Tieback Developments.

(Paper 24019) is the subject of Omnisens presentation at OMAE 33rd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, San Francisco ,USA June 8-13

29.05.2014 News Extending the sensing range of Brillouin optical time-domain analysis up to 325 km combining four optical repeaters.

Sanghoon Chin (Omnisens) will be presenting this poster at OFS 23rd International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors, Santander, Spain June 2-6

26.03.2014 Articles & Papers   White paper : How do you know how a power cable is behaving in relation to changes in its operation and environment? What information can temperature monitoring provide?

How do you know how a power cable is behaving in relation to changes in its operation and environment? What information can temperature monitoring provide?

14.11.2013 Newsletters Newsletter November 2013
23.10.2013 Case Studies   Ground movement detection on pipeline ROW, COGA retrofit.

In a remote area, steep slopes put strain on the pipeline right of way. Simply adding a fiber optic cable in a small trench on the pipeline ROW means the operator can monitor at all times any ground movement on the ROW.

24.09.2013 Case Studies    Strain and temperature monitoring of deep water umbilical prototype
23.09.2013 Newsletters Newsletter September 2013
23.09.2013 Case Studies   Checking temperature of power umbilical during operation
25.07.2013 Articles & Papers Geohazard Prevention and Pipeline Deformation Monitoring using Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing - Abstract
10.06.2013 Articles & Papers Challenges, Requirements and Advances for Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors in Surf Structures and Subsea Well Monitoring - Abstract
28.05.2013 Newsletters Newsletter June 213
28.05.2013 Application Notes   Monitor temperature and strain of umbilicals and risers continuously along their length
21.11.2012 Newsletters Newsletter November 2012
08.10.2012 Case Studies   RWE npower Gr Gabbard offshore wind farm export cable temperature monitor
25.09.2012 Articles & Papers Continuous Real-Time Pipeline Deformation, 3d Positionning And Ground Movement Monitoring Along The Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok Pipeline - Abstract
25.09.2012 Articles & Papers DEH Cable System Preventive Protection With Distributed Temperature And Strain Sensors - Abstract
13.09.2012 Newsletters Newsletter September 2012
11.09.2012 Case Studies   Total Islay trace heated flowline temperature monitor
30.08.2012 Videos Why every new pipeline should have fiber optic monitoring

See what can fiber optic pipeline monitoring do for pipeline risk prevention

01.07.2012 Newsletters Newsletter Summer 2012
01.07.2012 Videos Long power cable and umbilical monitoring

Monitoring power cables using fiber optic sensors is ideal for detecting hotpots, which can be investigated at an early stage of their development, helping avoid cable overheat (normally 90 degrees C)...

18.06.2012 Articles & Papers Distributed Fiber Optic Strain and Temperature Sensor for Subsea Umbilical - Abstract
11.06.2012 Case Studies   Pipeline Brine Berlin - Leakage Detection System
01.06.2012 Newsletters Newsletter June 2012
25.04.2012 Brochures   Securing asset integrity with Omnisens, an overview

energy industry assets benefit from continuous fully- integrated monitoring using fiber optic sensing.

01.04.2012 Newsletters Newsletter April 2012
15.12.2011 Technical Notes Pipeline leak detection

Omnisens DITEST™ LTM (Long Range Temperature Monitoring) is a distributed temperature monitoring system capable of accurately measuring every point over long and very long distances (range of more than 50 km) from a single interrogator. Fiber optic sensing can detect and localize leaks continuously and accurately all along the length of the pipeline. It does this by detecting the change of temperature which occurs when a pipe leaks.

12.12.2011 Case Studies   CSG Hainan Guangdong 32 km interconnector temperature monitor
12.12.2011 Articles & Papers Experimental Study of a Soil-embedded Fibre Optic Strain Sensor Crossing a Shear Zone - Abstract
01.12.2011 Newsletters Newsletter December 2011
25.11.2011 Case Studies   Statoil Morvin direct electrically heated flowline temperature monitoring
28.09.2011 Case Studies   Dong Walney offshore windfarm export cable temperature monitoring
21.09.2011 Articles & Papers Geohazard prevention with online continuous Fiber optic monitoring - Abstract
29.07.2011 Technical Notes Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature & Strain Sensing Technique

Omnisens DITEST™ is a major development in distributed sensing since it measures not only temperature but also strain using optical fiber as the sensor. Thanks to SBS, it sets new standards of accuracy and reliability, over longer distances than ever before, extending the benefits of monitoring to an everincreasing range of applications and industries.

04.05.2011 Case Studies   Pipeline integrity monitoring - Transandean route

The operators of a gas pipeline comprising a new 408 kilometre (km), high-pressure gas pipeline system required a long-range monitoring system. The route runs over the Peruvian Andes to a new LNG facility constructed approximately 170 km south of Lima on the coast of Peru.

04.05.2011 Case Studies   Subsea integrity monitoring in hostile environments

Flow assurance and pipeline integrity on 14 km offshore pipeline - Given arctic harsh conditions, monitoring the integrity of an offshore flowline bundle was vital to minimize impact to the fragile Arctic environment as well as risks associated with leakages and flow down-time.

01.01.2011 Articles & Papers Distributed Brillouin Sensor Application to Structural Failure Detection - Abstract
11.11.2009 Articles & Papers Submillimeter Crack Detection With Brillouin-Based Fiber-Optic Sensors - Abstract
23.09.2009 Articles & Papers Comprehensive Long Distance and Real Time Pipeline Monitoring Systems Based on Optic Fiber Sensing - Abstract
27.05.2008 FAQs What does “fiber optic distributed sensing” refer to?
05.05.2008 Articles & Papers Oooguruk Offshore Arctic Flowline Design and Construction - Abstract