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published: 23.09.2013

Newsletter September 2013

Omnisens newsletter

Pipeline leak detection system for Etilano XXI pipeline, Mexico is awarded to Omnisens

Long distance pipeline monitoring specialists, Omnisens and its Mexican partner ISI Mustang, have won the contract to provide leak detection on the Etileno XXI pipeline, in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. In all more than 200 km of pipeline carrying ethane will be monitored using  temperature sensing provided by fiber optic cables buried close to the pipelines. The pipeline crosses low lying areas and swamps challenged by high rainfall. Techint won the EPC contract with GDS (Gasoductos del Sureste).


Looking for overheating in a power umbilical


Find out how using an Omnisens system reassured an oilfield operator that their power umbilical was fit-for-purpose. Following installation of new well head pumps questions were raised as to how the extra load would affect the operating temperature of the umbilical along its length. Measuring from the FPSO, a FORJ contributed to an insertion loss of >17 dB. Despite this, measurements made under varying loads provided just the information the operator was looking for.

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To provide pipeline engineers in Latin America with local support, Omnisens, a leader in the detection and location of geohazards, leaks and intrusion in pipelines over long distances has opened a subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro.


What’s moving on the Omnisens booth at Rio Pipeline?

Inline For early warning of leaks, geohazards and intrusion, visit Omnisens ( booth C2) at Rio Pipeline. There you will have the opportunity to ‘experience’ how the Omnisens pipeline integrity monitoring system works in a fun and unusual way.

This technology, based on fiber optic sensing, has been installed and retrofitted on major pipelines in Latin America and Russia. Would it help secure your pipeline? Come to the booth where you will receive a warm welcome and have the opportunity to discuss your project with specialists from Omnisens.
Remote Real-time Geohazard and Pipeline Deformation Monitoring Using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing” will be presented by Omnisens.

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