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published: 13.02.2015

Omnisens monitors 56 km subsea interconnector joining Phu Quoc to Vietnam mainland

To help Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam, meet its economic development goals a 56 km subsea interconnector has been installed to link it to the national power grid.

The 110 kV Prysmian Powerlink cable, is monitored by Omnisens fiber optic distributed temperature sensing system. Subsea cables are at risk from marine activities, scouring and seabed movement which may alter the environment of the cable and affect its operating temperature. The Omnisens power cable monitoring system senses the temperature continuously, using communication fibers within the cable and detects and locates any changes all along its length. This information is sent by email to the operator so that prompt remedial action can be taken. As Phu Quoc develops so the cable temperature will increase with the additional load. The Omnisens system will indicate when the operating temperature approaches the maximum specified for the cable, so that plans can be made to manage the additional load.

For more information about monitoring the condition and optimizing the performance of power cables download Omnisens Cobra brochure.


interconnector, vietnam, prysmian, power grid