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published: 13.01.2015

Omnisens goes further for London Array wind farm

London Array became the world’s largest offshore wind farm in 2013, its 630 MW generation capacity supplying enough electricity for nearly 500 000 homes. To monitor the temperature along each of its four 55 km export cables, an Omnisens fiber optic-based system was deployed.

Thanks to its ability to monitor the entire cable length from a single interrogator the Omnisens system is housed in the Cleve Hill (Kent) on-shore substation, obviating any requirement to go offshore for maintenance.

The Omnisens system senses the temperature along the 150 KV cables, supplied by Nexans AS, using dark fibers from those integrated within the energy cable for communication and control.

Already sensing the export cable temperature of the two former ‘largest offshore wind farm’ record holders, Walney and Greater Gabbard, the performance of the Omnisens temperature monitoring system (3 m spatial resolution, a temperature accuracy of better than 1 K over the 55 km of each cable, with no dead zones and a measurement time of 10 minutes) enables the operator to see and act upon developing temperature events, whether due to a change in cable’s condition or load.

For more information about monitoring the condition and optimizing the performance of power cables download Omnisens Cobra brochure.


london array, wind farm, power cable, export cable, nexans, cable condition monitoring, performance optimisation