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published: 18.02.2015

Newsletter February 2015

Omnisens newsletter

Monitoring condition of umbilicals - Gulf of Mexico


Omnisens is monitoring the temperature and strain on umbilicals used to retrieve oil and gas from 2100 m/7,000 ft water depth in the Gulf of Mexico.
Two 21 km/13 mile power umbilicals, specially developed to handle the power requirement of seafloor pumps, were instrumented with Omnisens monitoring system to detect early indications of temperature and/or strain events which may indicate a leak, overheating, elongation or other threat to the assets' integrity.

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Over 1600 km of subsea assets monitored!

More than 1600 km of operation-critical subsea assets are being monitored continuously in real time by Omnisens systems. These include:

  • 1330 km of subsea power HV cables (interconnectors and export cables) enabling operators to monitor their condition continuously, in real time
  • 150 km of heating cable on various Direct Electrically Heated flowlines (DEH) in the North and Caspian Sea, detecting and locating temperature events and/or damage
  • 20 km flowline bundles in Alaska, providing leak detection and location
  • 7 km pipe-in-pipe in the North Sea
  • An unknown number of km in trials globally for operational testing and development of: DEH systems, ROV cable and power umbilicals.


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