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published: 12.12.2011

Experimental Study of a Soil-embedded Fibre Optic Strain Sensor Crossing a Shear Zone - Abstract

5th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (SHMII-5) 2011, Cancún, México

Distributed fibre optic strain sensors can be applied for the monitoring of soil displacements in geotechnical engineering. In order to study the effect of different fibre optic cable layouts and integration concepts, a full scale test setup was applied, where the fibre optic cable was embedded in soil and subjected to controlled soil displacements from various directions. Due to the different mechanical behaviour of the fibre optic cable and the surrounding soil as well as the slippage on their interface, the strain measured in the fibre optic cable may differ from the strain present in the soil. In this paper, in particular the influence of decreasing longitudinal stiffness due to yielding of the outer cable sheath on the strain response of the sensor is discussed. Based on experimental results it is shown, how initially stiff cables are able to localize soil displacement with increasing level of strain.

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fibre optic strain sensor, soil displacements, Brillouin