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published: 18.06.2012

Distributed Fiber Optic Strain and Temperature Sensor for Subsea Umbilical - Abstract

22nd (2012) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference Rhodes, Greece

In the wake of the recent events, deep water owners and operators are challenged to provide improved asset integrity monitoring. Also, as offshore deployments go deeper and further it is increasing the burden on subsea power requirements and structures that deliver this needed energy. Hence, subsea power umbilicals need to integrate larger power conductors with longer tiebacks and greater depths. In this paper, a new method of monitoring the stress/strain and temperature events of these power umbilicals is discussed. Aker Solutions and Omnisens have embedded a fully distributed fiber optic strain and temperature sensor within an umbilical. By illuminating the sensor with a DITEST (Distributed Temperature and Strain) Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analyzer, a sensor is demonstrated for manufacturing verification, installation/deployment certification, and continuous integrity monitoring.

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Fiber optic; Strain; Monitoring; Umbilical; Integrity; Fatigue; Temperature, Sensor