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published: 25.01.2016

Newsletter January 2016

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World’s longest AC interconnector monitored by Omnisens


At 120 km Enemalta’s Malta-Sicily interconnector is the longest AC cable of its type in the world. The 220 kV cable, supplied by Nexans Norway, comprises a 95 km subsea section and a 20 km buried section.
To provide condition monitoring along its entire length the cable is fitted with an Omnisens temperature sensing system. The system monitors the temperature of the cable via two interrogators, one housed in Sicily and one in Malta.

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What happens when a pipeline right-of-way erodes?


A simple event, the appearance of a water spring, was all it took to erode the right of way of a high pressure gas transmission pipeline running from North to South across East Siberia.
Thanks to the installation of an Omnisens Lynx pipeline monitoring system, which includes ground movement detection, this event was captured and located before the pipeline’s integrity was compromised.

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Omnisens monitors Shah Deniz DEH system


Omnisens has provided fiber optic Break Detection systems to check the integrity of the Direct Electrically Heated flowline system being installed in the Caspian field.
The DEH system, the largest in the world to date, provides flow assurance for the flowlines, especially during shut down.

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Structural Health Monitoring and Test and Measurement

Just before the International Year of Light ends Omnisens celebrates with the launch of Omnisens VISION and VISION Dual for the Test and Measurement and Structural Health monitoring markets.

Omnisens VISION is a BOTDA ideal for measuring strain or temperature of a SM fibre in a loop configuration. It can measure strain over 60 km (120 km max fiber loop) with 14 dB optical budget (28 dB over full loop)

The Omnisens VISION Dual has both BOTDA and BOTDR functionality, providing single ended operation up to 45 km with a 10 dB optical budget.

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