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published: 19.10.2016

Support from Swiss Technology fund for Omnisens solutions development

Circular Letter
October 18, 2016

Omnisens which develops monitoring systems using fiber optic sensing to detect threats to energy assets gets backed by the Technology Fund
The managing company of the Swiss Technology Fund announces that the Federal Office for the Environment, FOEN granted another loan guarantee to an innovative Swiss SME: Omnisens SA located in Morges.

Omnisens SA develops, produces and implements systems to monitor energy industry assets such as oil- or gas-pipelines, power cables, subsea umbilical, flowlines and risers. Omnisens systems use fiber optic sensing to measure vibrations, temperature and strain changes and detect intrusions in quasi real-time. The system uses data analytics to detect leaks, ground movements and structural deformations. Geoffroy Lacoin, CEO of Omnisens SA, believes the loan guarantee contributes greatly to the further development of Omnisens SA: „A modular and scalable software architecture is essential for the success of our product. However building up a reliable infrastructure requires upfront capital. Thanks to the backing of the Technology Fund we are now able to extend our software product and integrate additional data analytical algorithms to improve customer experience.”

Beside technical features, Simone Riedel Riley, Managing Director of the Technology Fund, points out the ecological benefit of Omnisens monitoring systems: „Detecting threats early helps to ensure security of supply and to prevent moderately severe to severe impacts on the environment and humanity. By using the early warning system of Omnisens SA, carbon emissions can be reduced significantly.”