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08.09.2016 Case Studies   Increasing the transport capacity of 33 km 150 kV cable using Dynamic Cable Rating and DTS

Belgian Transmission System Operator (TSO), Elia, wanted to know how much additional load could be put through a specific transmission cable without overheating it. Find out how they achieved it.

09.11.2015 Case Studies   Malta-Italy 120 km interconnector temperature monitoring

Currently the longest AC interconnector of its type, read how Omnisens monitors the cable temperature all along its 98 km subsea and 28 km onshore route.

09.11.2015 Case Studies   Integrity monitoring: Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostock transmission pipeline

Over its 1'822 km route, the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostock gas pipeline crosses swamps, 32 active tectonic fault zones and 94 km of seismically active areas. At risk from erosion, flooding, geohazards, ground movement and deformation, read how the design and monitoring this pipeline help maintain its integrity. Omnisens system detected erosion which threatened the integrity of the pipeline right of way.

23.10.2013 Case Studies   Ground movement detection on pipeline ROW, COGA retrofit.

In a remote area, steep slopes put strain on the pipeline right of way. Simply adding a fiber optic cable in a small trench on the pipeline ROW means the operator can monitor at all times any ground movement on the ROW.

24.09.2013 Case Studies    Strain and temperature monitoring of deep water umbilical prototype
23.09.2013 Case Studies   Checking temperature of power umbilical during operation
08.10.2012 Case Studies   RWE npower Gr Gabbard offshore wind farm export cable temperature monitor
11.09.2012 Case Studies   Total Islay trace heated flowline temperature monitor
11.06.2012 Case Studies   Pipeline Brine Berlin - Leakage Detection System
12.12.2011 Case Studies   CSG Hainan Guangdong 32 km interconnector temperature monitor
25.11.2011 Case Studies   Statoil Morvin direct electrically heated flowline temperature monitoring
28.09.2011 Case Studies   Dong Walney offshore windfarm export cable temperature monitoring
04.05.2011 Case Studies   Pipeline integrity monitoring - Transandean route

The operators of a gas pipeline comprising a new 408 kilometre (km), high-pressure gas pipeline system required a long-range monitoring system. The route runs over the Peruvian Andes to a new LNG facility constructed approximately 170 km south of Lima on the coast of Peru.

04.05.2011 Case Studies   Subsea integrity monitoring in hostile environments

Flow assurance and pipeline integrity on 14 km offshore pipeline - Given arctic harsh conditions, monitoring the integrity of an offshore flowline bundle was vital to minimize impact to the fragile Arctic environment as well as risks associated with leakages and flow down-time.