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Technical Notes

15.12.2011 Technical Notes Pipeline leak detection

Omnisens DITEST™ LTM (Long Range Temperature Monitoring) is a distributed temperature monitoring system capable of accurately measuring every point over long and very long distances (range of more than 50 km) from a single interrogator. Fiber optic sensing can detect and localize leaks continuously and accurately all along the length of the pipeline. It does this by detecting the change of temperature which occurs when a pipe leaks.

29.07.2011 Technical Notes Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature & Strain Sensing Technique

Omnisens DITEST™ is a major development in distributed sensing since it measures not only temperature but also strain using optical fiber as the sensor. Thanks to SBS, it sets new standards of accuracy and reliability, over longer distances than ever before, extending the benefits of monitoring to an everincreasing range of applications and industries.